If you think the West was won on the backs of horses, you’re only half right. Mules have always been the ideal partner for traversing through uncharted territory.

Mules have superior hooves and agility that makes them surefooted on the trail, and durable hides that resist injuries and weather. Pound for pound, mules are stronger than both donkeys and horses.

Packing is simple - if your mule is conditioned, your tack rigging correct, pack weight distributed evenly and destination set, almost anyone can learn how to pack like a pro. Whether you are camping in the woods for a few days or planning a weeks long trip in to the backcountry, a mule is your best option for packing your cargo and getting home safely.

The process of training our pack mules begins after they learn the basics of accepting touch all over, standing tied, picking up their feet and loading in a trailer.

Then, we teach them to wear the pack equipment first without any weight added. It can take time for a mule to get accustomed to the feel of a cinch and a britchen rubbing on his backside.

Once the mule is fully comfortable with the equipment, we start adding weight to his bags or panyards and pack him farther. This conditions him over time for heavier loads. At peak condition, a mule can carry up to 20% of his or her body weight.