All of our mules receive vaccinations, deworming, trimming and dental work on a regular basis. What they really need is hands-on gentling and training. We seek to find, establish and share safe and compassionate ways to rehabilitate wild-born, aggressive and mishandled mules using humane methods.

Our training program is centered on 4 core principles: Trust, Compassion, Communication, and Safety. LMMR does not use or endorse the use of training practices that involve blindfolds, flying w's, or twitches.


What do you train your mules to do?

Our mules are gentled and then trained to lead, stand tied and pick up all 4 feet using primarily positive reinforcement methods. After their initial training, some mules will graduate into saddle and recreational pack training.


Do you take outside mules in for training?

At this time, we do not accept outside mules for training.


How long does it take for a mule to be trained?

Although there are certain things we aim to accomplish within 30-60-90 day timeframes, deadlines don't work when it comes to training mules. Each of our mules is completely different from the next - their behavior is diverse and their backgrounds are all unique. Some are traumatized and some are not. Some have never been touched and others are very social. Some know their fundamental groundwork and others have never even worn a halter before! Each mule has his or her own personal timetable that we work by to make sure they are trained safely and correctly. It takes the time that it takes.