Rescue Services

Lost Meadows Mule Refuge (LMMR) work closely with many agencies in the rescue of abused, neglected and abandoned mules. 

All animals brought into the LMMR system are microchipped and their file reflects the rescue case number. This ensures that LMMR can track any animal in our system.

  1. Submission of a case it not a guarantee of service.
  2. All equine being considered must have a completed Rescue Case Form and Number on file.
  3. Law enforcement will be given preferential treatment.
  4. All equine become the sole property of Lost Meadows Mule Refuge and its affiliates.
  5. LMMR will not guarantee that surrendered equine will remain together.
  6. All rescue cases must be pre-approved by the Rescue Case Administrator.
  7. A release of ownership must be signed by surrendering party.
  8. LMMR will not enter any property without owner’s permission or law enforcement accompaniment.
  9. LMMR will only take other livestock under special circumstances.