Mattison Koester

Mattison Koester is the first Director of Lost Meadows Mule Refuge since its foundation in May 2019.

Matti originally resided in Northwest Arkansas where she went to school, worked full-time as a housing agent and operated her own mule rescue called Mules & Company. Matti was sought out by PVDR Executive Director Mark Meyers as he searched for the right person to take on a project as big as Lost Meadows Mule Refuge.

Matti met with Mark in Texas in the summer of 2019 and after seeing the operation and its potential, took the job and moved to San Angelo along with her 2 cats, dog Bodie, her horse Hazel, and her mules Magnus, Bridger and Cody.

Matti has loved horses all her life, since before she learned how to walk. Matti first met a mule at the age of 12 when she went on a horseback ride in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. All the other riders were on horses, and Matti was so impressed by the mule's surefootedness and reliability. They even rode past a wild black bear, and the mule kept his cool, keeping young Matti safe. From then on, Matti knew that she loved mules too.

As she grew older, Matti became more aware of the need for compassionate mule trainers and set out to become one. When she was given the opportunity to work at Lost Meadows, she never looked back.