Our Rescue

My name is Mattison Koester. People call me the Mule Hugger.

I have teamed up with Mark Meyers, the Executive Director of Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue, to improve the plight of our American Mules.

Our nation has never had a Mule Rescue until now. The U.S. needs a Refuge dedicated to the care, rehabilitation and preservation of these unique hybrid animals, who historically have done just as much for humanity as horses and donkeys. In the year 2020 alone, we have taken in almost 100 mules from all across the United States who desperately needed help.

What we are doing has never been done anywhere before. There is very little scientific research about mules, nor are there ready ways to humanely and successfully rehabilitate their behavior when they are traumatized or aggressive. My goal is to establish humane, compassionate methods of training and re-training mules so that they can be adopted in to permanent homes. For the ones who cannot be fully rehabilitated, I want to provide a big, permanent Sanctuary where they can live the rest of their lives totally free, aside from hoof trims every 8-12 weeks and yearly check-ups.

I need your support to break ground and make the first ever Mule Refuge. Whether or not you are familiar with these hybrids, as an animal lover surely you can agree that all species deserve to have their own dedicated rescue. Because mules cannot breed, this is a problem we can get ahead of, if we have enough supporters.

Right now, we borrow 17 acres from Peaceful Valley's Central Region facility in San Angelo, Texas. Someday, we will need our own permanent location somewhere in the U.S. in order to help even more mules, and perhaps other hybrid equines, too.

I hope you will join my Mule Movement today.