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What do you train your mules to do?

Our mules are gentled and then trained to lead, stand tied and pick up all 4 feet. After their initial training, some mules will graduate into saddle and pack training. At this time, we do not accept outside mules for training.

How long does it take for a mule to be trained?

Although there are certain things we aim to accomplish within 30-60-90 day timeframes, deadlines don't work when it comes to training mules. Each of our mules is completely different from the next - their behavior is diverse and their backgrounds are all unique. Some are traumatized and some are not. Some have never been touched and others are very social. Some know their fundamental groundwork and others have never even worn a halter before! Each mule has his or her own personal timetable that we work by to make sure they are trained safely and correctly. It takes the time that it takes.

I submitted an application for one of your mules. Does that guarantee that I will be able to adopt the mule?

Mules are very individualistic and each has its own distinct personality. We want to make sure that our mules are paired with people who mesh well with their personality and vice versa. Some mules also require more handling experience than others, so we want to make sure that they are paired with people who have the right amount of experience for them. An application does not guarantee that you will be able to adopt a specific mule, but we do evaluate from the order in which applications are received.

What does the cost of the application go towards?

The cost of your adoption application goes towards processing, reviewing and approving your application. It is non-refundable once submitted. Applications are good for 1 year unless you have had a change of address.

Can I trade a mule I have for an LMMR mule?

We do not allow any type of trading. You can fill out our rescue case form if you need to surrender your mule to a safe place. If you have surrendered a mule to LMMR, you will have to wait a minimum of 1 year before you're eligible to adopt an LMMR mule.

Can I adopt both a mule and a donkey? 

Yes! Please submit an adoption application for both PVDR and LMMR. A representative from each organization will be in contact with you.

Do you take in horses?

Because of the overwhelming amount of mules who are not accepted by other rescues, Lost Meadows is a mule-exclusive rescue. We only take horses in on a very specific case-by-case basis where mules are also involved. We will never leave an animal in need behind, so if there are horses with mules that we are rescuing, we will take the horses and either transfer them to another reputable horse rescue or add them to our training program here for adoption.