Adoption Policy



By applying to adopt a Mule from LMMR, the Applicant agrees to the following conditions:

  1. LMMR may evaluate each applicant and make a determination as to suitability of Applicant as an owner of an LMMR Mule. The determination of whether an Applicant is suitable for adoption of an LMMR Mule is in the sole discretion of LMMR.
  2. LMMR may consider the following criteria for determining suitability of an applicant. The list is non-exhaustive and LMMR may consider other criteria in its sole discretion. 
    1. Animal ownership history
    2. Criminal history
    3. Financial ability to care for an LMMR Mule
    4. Equine experience
    5. Property size/condition
  3. Prohibitions: No LMMR Mule shall be used for commercial use without the prior written consent of LMMR. No LMMR Mule shall be used for roping/rodeo or other cruel sports; or be leased or loaned for same.
  4. Applicant shall keep the LMMR Mule on the property listed in the Applicant’s Application. An LMMR Mule must not be moved to a new property without the prior written consent of LMMR.
  5. Applicant shall be the primary caregiver for the LMMR Mule. An LMMR Mule shall not be “gifted” to another party.
  6. Applicant shall own at least one other animal from the equine family to provide companionship for the LMMR Mule. If the Applicant does not own another equine animal, LMMR may deny Applicant’s application to adopt from LMMR unless Applicant agrees to adopt a second LMMR Mule or LMMR Mule.
  7. Applicant shall provide LMMR Mule with year-round access to clean, unfrozen water.
  8. An LMMR Mule shall have hooves and teeth regularly maintained by the Applicant.
  9. LMMR must be notified before a decision to euthanize an LMMR Mule is made.
  10. Applicant shall not sell, trade or lease the LMMR Mule for any reason.
  11. Upon the death of Applicant, the LMMR Mule shall be returned to LMMR.
  12. If LMMR deems an adoption to be unsuccessful at any time, the animal must be returned.
  13. Applicant shall immediately return an LMMR Mule to LMMR if the Applicant is no longer capable of caring for an LMMR Mule for any reason.
  14. Applicant is financially responsible for an LMMR Mule including feed, farrier, dental and medical expenses.
  15. LMMR reserves the right to deny Applicant the opportunity to adopt a Mule from LMMR for any reason.
  16. Right of Reverter: An Applicant obtains ownership of an LMMR Mule upon adoption; however, LMMR retains the exclusive right of reverter, in its sole discretion, with regard to any LMMR Mule adopted by Applicant. LMMR may exercise said right of reverter in the following circumstances:
  17. Significant change in the health of the animal. A significant deterioration in health shall be determined in the sole and absolute discretion of LMMR.
  18. If Applicant cannot care for the animal or for any reason does not desire to care for the animal.
  19. If Applicant attempts to sell, trade or loan the LMMR Mule for any reason.
  20. If neglect or abuse of the LMMR Mule is suspected. Determination of neglect or abuse is in the sole and absolute discretion of LMMR.
  21. LMMR Mule Adoption Disclaimers
  22. The Applicant understands that the information provided regarding the LMMR Mule being adopted might have been received by third parties and that information may be educated estimates of unknown facts about the LMMR Mule; therefore LMMR does not warrant accuracy or correctness of such information.
  23. The Applicant hereby indemnifies and saves harmless LMMR, their directors, employees and volunteers, from all losses, damages, costs, expenses, liability, claims, actions and judgements of any kind whatsoever, including without limitation, attorney’s fees and litigation costs arising out of or caused by any damage or injury inflicted by the LMMR Mule once the adopter has taken possession.
  24. The Applicant understands that upon taking possession of the LMMR animal, he/she assumes all liability for the animal and any injury or damage, which may occur to or because of the LMMR Mule, and that LMMR is absolved of all liability.
  25. The Applicant understands that there are laws in regard to equine ownership which vary by State, and agrees to comply with the laws of the State in which he/she resides.
  26. The Applicant understands that LMMR Mules are Mules with unknown medical histories and, as such, may have been exposed to a variety of diseases, including diseases that may be transmitted from animals to humans. These diseases can have an incubation period of up to several weeks, that the LMMR Mule may show no signs of illness at the time of adoption. If an adopted LMMR Mule shows signs of illness, the Applicant is responsible for seeking veterinary care for the LMMR Mule and is also responsible for all medical expenses.


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